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At Scinetics we address socially-minded problems using science and engineering. Our goal is to elevate the quality of life for people around the globe. We're working on several deep-tech projects to help humanity, drawing from experience in mechanical engineering, emergent design, and intelligent materials and systems.

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Our Motivation

At Scinetics, we believe that our work should first and foremost serve those without the means to help themselves. This core value drives us to make decisions in favor of positive change rather than in favor of the most profitable outcome. By collaborating with other like-minded, passionate experts, we can prioritize those in need of a solution, and work synergistically toward rapid implementation. If we work together, we can make meaningful and lasting change in the lives of people all over the world.

Jeffrey L. Gair, Jr., PhD

Dr. Gair is the Founder and CEO of Scinetics, Inc, as well as the Founder & CEO of Modular Matter, Inc. He has 14 years of experience in mechanical engineering, materials science, emergent design, and bioengineering. Before starting Modular Matter, he spent time at University of Maryland, the United States Army Research Laboratory, and MIT where he worked with many amazing scientists and engineers. These past experiences, along with his passion for tackling the impossible, drove him to form Modular Matter, where he works to help those with limb differences.

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